TV Brain Wave Published Studies

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TV Brain Wave Published Studies

from the textbook

The Neuropsychology of Everyday Life: Issues in Development and Rehabilitation

December 31, 1990

Edited by David E. Tupper and Keith D. Cicerone

Chapter 4 “Cognition and Watching Television”

written by John J. Burns and Daniel R. Anderson

Note: References listed on pages 106-108

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How TV Effects Brainwaves

Here’s an excerpt from my new brainwave page.

Please let me know if you have any questions, suggestions for improvements, etc…

Also, this is just an excerpt, for more complete information please go to:

How Does TV Effect Brainwaves?

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Scientific American

Here is a comment I posted at the Scientific
American website regarding Television Addiction
Is No Mere Metaphor

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A Brainwave Paradox

At I posted a question about Alpha/TV/Orienting:

Kai Schreiber, the expert helping me out here, gave an excellent
an thoughtful answer.

Thank you Kai !

Note,  Kai Schreiber has a Graduate Degree in Neuroscience
and a PhD in Physiology.

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Overstimulation = Slow Brain Waves

My pet peeve is scientists who use the term overstimulating when discussing the deleterious effects of TV on small children.

“The rapidly changing images and sounds of television, even in educational children’s programming, are certainly mesmerizing to young children but can be overstimulating, scientists say.”



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