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Channel One Boycott

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Thanks to Chris who sent me this link:

Commercial Alert
New American Dream
Obligation, Inc.  

have banded together to urge advertisers to not
advertise on Channel One. Channel One is the company
that provides free TVs to schools who are willing to
provide their students as captive advertising subjects.

Here are a couple of good articles describing Channel One:

Now you could argue that with the huge amount of
TV that kids are watching at home, that an extra
12 minutes of TV at school doesn’t matter.  And
that’s a very good point, parents using TV as a soother,
babysitter, and educator are a much bigger problem
than 12 minutes of TV.

On the other hand, parents would not be letting their
kids watch so much TV if it wasn’t for the fact that
so many “experts” and authority figures have come out
and argued that TV is harmless and/or educational.

Certainly having mandatory TV watching in school sends
a very strong message to both parents and children that
TV is educational and beneficial.  And that sort of
mis-education is a very high price to pay for a bunch
of free TVs.


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