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There are numerous excellent anti-tv
websites out there (see my blogroll),
the reason I decided to create tvSmarter
was because I felt there were some facts
about TV and arguments that needed to be
more widely known.  Namely:

1. The fact that TV, by continually
evoking the “Orienting Response” slows
down the viewer’s brainwaves to the point
where Alpha brainwaves dominate.

People often argue that TV is no different
from reading or watching a play, but at
a neurological level, it is very different.

2. It is human nature to enjoy storytelling
and entertainment. But there are huge advantages
to getting your entertainment from books (reading
for pleasure) and huge disadvantages from getting
your entertainment from TV.

3. “But, did TV cause the huge crime increase
starting in the mid 1960’s?  There is no way to
prove this.  But TV proponents often argue that
the reduction in crime to early 1960 levels by
the year 2000, is proof that TV is not the culprit.
They fail to mention that the U.S.A. has had to
more than triple the rate of incarceration to
accomplish this reduction.”

4. It has commonly been noted that excessive TV
watching is often a symptom of depression. But
there are a number of reasons to believe that
TV watching also contributes to depression.

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