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Baby Einstein Videos Educational No More

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The Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood (CCFC)
has forced Disney to stop marketing “Baby Einstein”
videos as “Educational”.

Excellent work CCFC !!!!

Here is a copy of CCFC’s announcement:

Disney No Longer Marketing Baby Einstein Videos as Educational

As a result of CCFC’s Federal Trade Commission complaint, Baby
Einstein has completely redesigned its website and is no longer
making educational claims about its DVDs and videos.  In 2006,
CCFC filed an FTC complaint against Baby Einstein for making
false and deceptive claims about the educational value of their
products.  In December, the FTC decided not to take enforceable
action against Baby Einstein when the company promised to “take
appropriate steps to ensure that any future advertising claims
of educational and/or developmental benefit for children are
adequately substantiated.”  Since no substantiation exists,
Disney will not be able to claim that the videos have educational

We are deeply troubled that the FTC failed to hold Disney accountable
for years of deceptive marketing; essentially, the FTC is telling
corporations that it’s okay to lie to parents because if you get
caught there will be no consequences as long as you promise not to
do it again.  At the same time, we are proud that CCFC’s complaint
spurred substantive changes to the Baby Einstein website.  Gone are
claims such as the description of Baby Wordsworth as a “rich and
interactive learning experience that … fosters the development of
your toddler’s speech and language skills,” or that Numbers Nursery
will “help develop your baby’s understanding of what numbers mean.” 

Thanks to all of you who urged the FTC to act on our complaint and
shared your experiences with Baby Einstein with the Commission.

Update: “It has a long way to go to make its organization’s name a reality,

but the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood claimed an important recent victory.”


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