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Here is a comment I posted at the Scientific
American website regarding Television Addiction
Is No Mere Metaphor

Excellent article!

Especially important is the part where the
authors describe how (and why) watching TV makes
the viewers brainwaves slow down (from Beta to
Alpha in adults).

This slowing down of the brainwaves from watching
TV (or any fast-paced video) has been well documented
and established, especially by scientists studying
TV commercials (for the advertising industry).

But, what I find amazing is how this important
fact is virtually unknown among the general public.
With the exception of this excellent article,
science writers (and bloggers) have not written
at all about this far-reaching phenomenon.

Considering that 8-14 year olds watch (on average)
over 4 hours of TV/videos per day, and that
2 year olds watch (on average) 1:30 hours per day,
this is extremely important information for parents
to have.

(Also, the general public does not realize that, at
the neurological level, there is a difference between
voluntary attention and involuntary attention.)

So please, any science writers and/or bloggers
out there, be a hero and write about this very,
very important neurological effect of TV on our

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