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A Late Post on 2008 TV-Turnoff Week

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Congratulations to the participants of this year’s TV-Turnoff week !!


I had wanted to do a roundup on this year’s TV-Turnoff week, but it looks like Sarah of  Unplug Your Kids beat me to it, and of course did a such great job, I’ll just link:

Unplug Your Kids: Inquiring Minds Want to Know…


Unplug Your Kids: Impressions of a Week Without TV



 White Dot helpfully put up this article by Jean Lotus:


16 tips to manage toddlers–without resorting to television



The City of Lafayette went all out and had a number of free activities for kids who sign up for TV-Turnoff.


We Can!™ and the Acting U.S. Surgeon General Promote Turnoff Week 2008


And Wikio TV Turnoff Week Links


The yearly TV-Turnoff is organized by the Center for Screen Time Awareness.



Great Job all !!

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