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Top 10 Reasons to Turn Off Your TV

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Mark Stibich, Ph.D of Longevity has come up with an excellent:

Top 10 Reasons to Turn Off Your TV

My favorite reason is # 2 (and a big reason why I gave up TV)

Television Makes You Stressed

With the average of four hours a day gone, it’s no wonder everyone is feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. We put aside paying bills, finishing projects, making phone calls and cleaning our homes to watch TV. We feel overwhelmed because of all the things we should be doing (exercising, spending time with family, eating right) go undone. And when we feel overwhelmed, tired, and exhausted we don’t have energy to anything but — you guessed it — watch TV. It is a dreadful cycle. So take a break from TV for a week and see what happens to your life.

For years I had wanted to be better organized. But it wasn’t until I had substantially cut down on my TV watching (my weaning from TV was gradual) that I became inspired to actually take concrete steps towards a more organized life.

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