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Anti-TV Novels

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I wish I had a long list of Anti-TV novels to review. Unfortunately, I could only find four (later on a couple more)


“The TV Kid”

“Fred’s TV”

“The Wretched Stone”

“Fahrenheit 451”


Also, honorable mention to “The Traveler“, a thriller which mentions TV as a form of social control to be rejected by those in the know.

If you know of any others, please let me know!

– “Feed” by  M.T. Anderson   –  As a Science-Fiction aficionado, my favorite was “Feed”. This novel takes place in the future when TV and the internet have combined and are fed directly into the minds of the characters. This technological advance was supposed to make everyone smarter, but instead the most popular show is “Oh? Wow! Thing!”

– “The TV Kid” by Betsy Byars  –  is a much more gentle and light-hearted book than Feed. The main character Lennie loves TV. It takes an adventure for Lennie to learn the importance of life and friendship outside of TV.

– “Fahrenheit 451” by Ray Bradbury  –  is another novel set in the future. This book is often studied in high school and is usually described as a cautionary tale about censorship. But Ray Bradbury himself …says the culprit in Fahrenheit 451 is not the state — it is the people. Unlike Orwell’s 1984, in which the government uses television screens to indoctrinate citizens, Bradbury envisioned television as an opiate.

– “Television” by Jean-Philippe Toussaint  –  is an extremely well-written book that unfortunately doesn’t have much of a plot. Basically this novel is about a writer who spends the summer putting off writing a historical book & instead explores life without TV. (Hmm, wonder how this book came about…)


– “Fred’s TV” by Clive Dobson  – The story of young Fred who is addicted to TV. After his father unplugs the TV (and later it is broken), Fred learns to survive and thrive without his TV addiction.

– “The Wretched Stone” by Chris Van Allsburg  – The captain’s log tells the story of the crew of a sailing ship, and what happens when they discover a mysterious, glowing stone.

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