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A Change to Less TV

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The Obama team has setup a new website


which includes a “Share Your Vision” page.


As someone who is quite anti-TV, I wanted to write to him and thank him for supporting less TV.


Here is a copy of my letter:



Dear Senator Obama


First of all, I would like to thank you for encouraging parents to “turn off the TV set and put away the video games“. You are the first politician I have ever heard say anything like that. Americans love their TVs, so suggesting that they periodically turn them off, took a lot of political courage. I’m glad it did not sink your campaign.


From what I’ve read, your top priorities include healthcare reform and education reform.


I believe that encouraging the following would be very helpful to those priorities:


– Parental advice pamphlets and outreach that includes information on some of the research showing adverse effects from excessive TV.


– Schools to adopt programs such as the Student Media Awareness to Reduce Television (S.M.A.R.T)


– More money for fun and active after-school programs.


– More money for school libraries (to encourage love of reading)


I hope that all of us, working together, can successfully meet the many serious challenges facing the United States.


For your sake and ours, I hope you have a very successful presidency!



Update:  see also  Barack Obama – “Turn Off The TV”


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