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Cheaters and the Tube

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Here is an excellent letter-to-the-editor

San Francisco Chronicle, December 4th, 2008


Editor – The article, “Skimping on Ethics?” does not address one of the underlying reasons for increased plagiarism by students’ “borrowing” material from sources like the Internet.


I think it has a direct correlation to the influence of electronic visual media, such as TV, replacing more imaginative activities like reading. Students do not adequately develop their inner voices to confidently and creatively express themselves in writing. Thus, the temptation to copy someone else overcomes the inherent joy of self-expression.


This is a serious problem because writing and reading – not video-watching and TV – are still the foundation of our education system. As a former evaluator of essay-type tests from students around the country, I was appalled at the abject caliber of their writing.


What can adults do? Model good behavior for youth by reading and turning off the TV.




Rancho Cordova


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