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TV Blockers (and other electronica)

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With Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa just around the corner, what

kid wouldn’t be thrilled to get a wonderful new TV blocker!



Here are a few (sorted by price):


The Gaming Krib Challenge – FREE  (revamped website)


Secura Plug – $12  (profits go to Screentime! )


Power Cop – $29.95


Time Machine – $49.95


BOB – $69.95


time-scout – $89.95


TV Allowance – $99.00

Scientific Study using TV Allowance


Eye Timer – $119.95


Screen Block – £80 + VAT & UK Postage


Also, Family Safe Media has made up an excellent chart, comparing a number of these blockers and their features.


These blockers are a great idea (A gradual reduction is much easier than going cold turkey).


The really great thing, is that change will radiate out, to your friends and your friends’ friends…

Update: Limiting Computer Time:








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