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The average TV viewing time is now 6 days per month (142:29 hours per month). Tim Goodman, TV critic of the San Francisco Chronicle mentioned this statistic in his column along with tips on how to fill up those 6 full days!


In response, my husband wrote this letter-to-editor, it didn’t get printed, but I thought I would share it: 



I was pleased to see Tim Goodman’s reference to the kill-your-TV-Folks and I fully support his sharing of ideas to get the most out of this medium. It does strike me as sad though that we spend a full six days per month sitting passively and being entertained. More time by far more than spent reading or spending time with our families or exercising or just about anything else. Time spent; time gone. You don’t need the kill-your-TV-Folks to know that. 

Great Letter Hubby !


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