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Post Turn-off Week – May 2009

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Every year when Turn-off Week rolls around, my pageviews go way up. This year especially, the pageviews were double and even triple what they normally are. And since most of my pageviews are the result of internet searches, I think this is evidence that Turn-off Week does indeed succeed at increasing awareness of the harmful effects of too much TV (and other screentime).

Congratulation to Screentime and all the participants for another great Turn-off Week !

Congratulation also to Sarah of Unplug-Your Kids for her excellent Turn-off Week Blog Challenge.

Sarah recaps here (with quotes and links to plenty of very entertaining stories):

Regarding Sarah’s turn-off week, she made this encouraging observation:

ENCOURAGING NOTE:  One thing I have observed with my children which might be encouraging to other parents, is that once they get over the first hump of reading fluency, they seem to have much less interest in videos and spend a great deal of their non-play time reading.

This was certainly true with my 8 year-old daughter when she became comfortable with independent reading, but she was never a huge video watcher to begin with.

It was far more remarkable with my 6 year-old son.  He was always the one who would have been Mr. TV had I allowed it.  In the past few months he has suddenly taken off with his reading and is rarely found without a chapter book in his hand.  He honestly seems to have forgotten that the TV ever existed.  My husband and I are absolutely astonished!

There are a large number of blog posts and articles about this year’s Spring Turn-off Week, here are a few:

Interview with David Burke of White Dot

Green Parent – When “TV Turn Off Week” is Every Week

I’m Missing All My Shows – Turn-off Week

Although not specifically a Turn-off Week event, the first Sunday of the new San Francisco “Sunday Streets” program did happen to coincide with Turn-off Week.

As for my Turn-off Week, my goal was to stay off the internet for a whole week (except for checking email). Not that I’m not a big fan of the internet, but it is worthwhile to step back, take a week off and reflect. I didn’t quite achieve my goal, as I did briefly sneak on a few times, but it was nice to have a really lazy, not very productive week.

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