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Cussing vs violence

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Here is a letter-to-the-editor that I quite liked.
San Francisco Chronicle, May 7th, 2009

Cussing vs. violence

Are we @#$%*! kidding? The Supreme Court rules that the government can threaten broadcasters with fines over a single swear word on TV? I rarely watch TV, and on the occasion I’ve turned it on, I am appalled and offended by the content. It seems every show has someone with a gun or knife or is being terrorized, threatened, beat up or shot. This is entertainment? Not to mention the video games that offer, in a recent review, “brutal, up-close and personal contact.” Now little Bobby can spend a couple of hours in his room tallying up how many guys he killed.

What’s going on here? I’d rather hear someone swear than to subject myself to all the violent garbage put out by the entertainment industry.



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