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New tvSmarter Pages


I’ve added a few new pages to, hope you’ll check them out.

Playing versus TV

Young Children (babies & toddlers) and TV

My Democracy page had gotten too unwieldy, so I divvied it up into:

Democracy & TV

Civil Society & TV

Propaganda, the News & TV

Covert Propaganda & TV

Torture & TV

Please let me know if I should change and/or add anything or any other suggestion.

2 thoughts on “New tvSmarter Pages

  1. Greetings!

    Just came across this fascinating look at how we clever humans respond to advertising and marketing with our “Automatic Mind” when we are not paying attention. On first glance, it seems that many people are responding to the book as a way of helping to combat being manipulated, and influenced. Which makes me feel that it would be a great book to absorb in coming to terms with TV’s intent of influencing their viewers…

    I am going to order it and will look forward to discussing this more.

    The Psychology of Persuasion:


    • Hi Chris

      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts about it. Also
      I added it to my wish list too.

      On the one side you’ve got the average person going about
      their business, and on the other side you’ve got an army
      of brilliant marketers, and researchers using the incredible
      power of science to develop more and more sophisticated and
      effective methods of manipulation to have their way with
      us average people.

      It hardly seems fair.



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