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Lately my anti-TV blogroll has increased substantially.

For some fun reading on TV, anti-TV and Instead of TV check out these new blogs:


Ellen Currey-Wilson – Confessions of a TV-Addicted Mom Trying to Raise a TV-Free Kid


I’m missing all of my shows


Plato’s Cave – The Effects of Television on Humanity, Culture, Society, & the Human Body


Television vs Children – TV is not child friendly and parents deserve to be informed


TV Free Living – Get Out and Live


TV Stinks – finding life away from the television


And, of course, don’t forget these great websites:


Bowling Alone


Instead of TV


Screen Time – Center for Screen-time Awareness


Screen Time – Forum


Trash Your TV – Your Complete Guide to a TV-Free Lifestyle


Turn-off Your TV – Kill Your Television


Unplug Your Kids – Living a TV-free life … with a few crafts and books thrown in!


White Dot – the international campaign against television


White Dot – Forum





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