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Save energy: Lose the TV

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It turns out the new flat-screen TVs use significantly more energy than the old-style TVs.

Here’s one excellent solution:

The obvious solution to the problem of energy-guzzling TV sets (“TV sets may get greener,” Oct. 22) is simply banishing them from our homes.

TVs are not required for life. My household has been TV-free for many years now, and yet I manage to live a full, active life and stay engaged with the issues as an educator and citizen.

Doing away with TV also immediately eliminates so many of the corporate messages telling us we are inadequate if we are not buying more and more things.

There are so many other wonderful things to do instead of watching TV and shopping. Yes, there is good content on some networks, but there is good content out in the non-virtual world as well.

Killing our TVs could help save energy for things more essential to life.


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