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Huffington Post, Torture and Christmas

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Huffington Post posted a promotional video called A “24” Christmas: Jack Bauer Tortures Santa Claus.

In it, Santa Claus has been apprehended by the CIA, and Jack Bauer is sent in to torture and interrogate him. Of course, almost everyone is going to click on the video to see if Jack Bauer really does torture Santa Claus.

And, of course, Jack Bauer does not end up torturing Santa Claus. Torturing Santa Claus would make Jack Bauer and “24” look really bad. And torturing Santa Claus would take away from a central message of “24”, which is that good people are rarely tortured by “the good guys”, instead it is almost always only truly evil criminals who are ever tortured by “the good guys”.

Anyway, I was truly disgusted by this video, and by Huffington Post’s willingness to promote this video, so here is the comment that I attempted to post:

The morally bankrupt Keifer Sutherland makes over 10 million dollars a year promoting torture.

I assume that Huffington Post is against torture, and is against the promotion of torture. So why post a video that promotes the horrible show “24”?

A couple of things about this video:

1. This video takes a lighthearted view of torture. I’m sure victims of torture must find this video hilarious.

2. In this video, Keifer Sutherland (playing Jack Bauer) doesn’t actually torture Santa Claus. The message being that only bad people get the torture treatment.

This is a truly disgusting… and just gives cover to those who feel that as long as they personally don’t support torture, that it is ok to support a show that very effectively promotes torture.

“If torture isn’t evil, then there is no such thing as evil”

Note, Huffington Post is well within their rights to moderate comments, and they should moderate comments to keep out spam and offensive comments. Their comment moderator decided that my comment (posted early on December 19th) was too offensive to allow.

What don’t understand, is why a site like “Huffington Post” which has come out strongly against torture, is so willing to promote and defend pro-torture propaganda such as “24”.

For more on how TV promotes torture see:

It turns out that Jake Smith is equally disgusted:


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