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A Shocked Terry Gross

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Driving home, as per usual, I was listening to NPR and got to listen to an entertaining interview with Cloe Sevigny, an actress who, for the past 4 seasons has acted on the TV show “Big Love”.

Anyway, the best part of the interview (at 7 min), was when Terry Gross asked Cloe if she had a favorite storyline from “Big Love”. This is their conversation:

Cloe: “Favorite storyline… I haven’t really been watching this season because, ironically, I don’t have a television.”

Terry: “you don’t have a television?”  sounding quite shocked

Cloe:”ha, ha, no, ummmm…”

Terry: “how come you don’t have a television?”

Cloe: “well I was in this long-term relationship, and we watched a lot of TV, and I love TV, and I totally get sucked in, and we broke up and he moved out. I was like, you know what, I going to get rid of the TV or else I’m never going to leave the house. I have to hit the streets, get out there and ring them bells, like Liza Minnelli says.”

Terry: “wow”

Cloe: “Ha, ha, so I got rid of the TV. But I miss it too, because I really like American Idol.”

But it really was quite funny the way Terry Gross asked the question, as if she thought that Cloe might have joined some crazy cult, or just completely lost her mind.

Good for Cloe Sevigny !

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