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New Links


I’ve just updated with a lot of new links.

Note: I also took down the “Screen-Free Week” banner (until next year), so if it still shows up on tvSmarter, just click on refresh and any new links will then show up.

Here is a small sampling:


Blog Posts Linking to tvSmarter:

“Living Now – Television as a child development hazard”

“Junk Culture Manifesto – Quick Note On Self-Esteem & Television or Stop Exposing Yourself to Consumer Culture!”



Natural News – Television

Kids and TV:

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I’m Back


Well I’m back after a long hiatus.

Thank you to everyone who continued to visit here and support the cause of “a lot less TV” or even “no TV”!

I’ve updated the website and have added a bunch of new links, especially to the “Intelligence & TV” page and the “Playing vs TV” page, hope you’ll check them out.




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Email and RSS Feeds


For anyone who is interested in subscribing to this blog, I’ve added 2 links (on the left hand column):


  Subscribe in a reader  (if you have an RSS Feed reader)


  Subscribe to tvSmarter by Email



Also (on the left hand column) I’ve added a RSS Feed for:


Unplug Your Kids


Campaign for a Commercial-Fee Childhood



The incomparable Unplug Your Kids is a blog with great ideas for fun and interesting things to do with your unplugged young ones.


Campaign for a Commercial-Fee Childhood is unfortunately not an anti-TV site, but they do have a great RSS feed. Also, I’ll never forget that they were the only organization to take on Disney for marketing their awful Baby Einstein Videos as educational.