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Overstimulation = Slow Brain Waves

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My pet peeve is scientists who use the term overstimulating when discussing the deleterious effects of TV on small children.

“The rapidly changing images and sounds of television, even in educational children’s programming, are certainly mesmerizing to young children but can be overstimulating, scientists say.”



Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that the AAP and various scientist have come out against the new Baby Einstein and other videos and even tv channels for babies.

The problem is that parents are well aware that it is very important for brain development for their kids to be in a stimulating environment. So when scientist use the term “overstimulation from TV” as a criticism of TV, it almost sounds like a compliment. Stimulation is good, shouldn’t more be better?

I really think that if scientists came out and said that the problem with exposure of TV to young developing minds is that the “rapidly changing images and sounds of television” cause their children’s brainwaves to slow down, that TV in effect under-stimulates a child’s brain, that would have a much greater impact.

Scientific American:

Television Addiction Is No Mere Metaphor

More on TV artificially slowing down brainwaves.


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